• VIVOSUN Smart Grow System with AeroLight 100W LED Grow Light, 6-inch AeroZesh Inline Fan, and GrowHub Controller

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    • The GrowHub Controller and App, the AeroLight LED grow light, and the AeroZesh create a complete grow system.
    • The AeroLight: The world’s first 100W LED grow light with an integrated circulatory fan that increases airflow to the canopy, encouraging balanced temperature and humidity that won the Red Dot 2022 design award. The AeroLight is made with 301B Diodes, dimmable driver, sunlike full spectrum, perfect for every stage of growth from seedling to flowering, and it is entirely programmable and adjustable.
    • The GrowHub: The central hub for the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System, controls all tent equipment simultaneously, allows you to adjust operation of equipment with simple to read interface, Grow Recipes take plants from seed to harvest automatically, can control many devices and is compatible across platforms, easy to install on tent walls with magnetic mounting plate.
    • VIVOSUN App: Capable of managing multiple grow devices simultaneously, tracks and displays relevant data to help you improve your tent performance, use preprogrammed pro Grow Recipes to program the AeroLight and your ventilation and take you from seed to harvest automatically, or design your own Grow Recipes from scratch, and take your grow on the go.
    • The AeroZesh: Ultra powerful automated air flow, the AeroZesh is a PWM controlled EC fan utilizing mixed-flow design to control speeds and create high static pressure, improving performance and reducing noise, fully programmable through the GrowHub, and optimized for controlling temperature and humidity.
    • Fully Automated: The complete Smart Grow System for your grow space—control ventilation, lighting, spectrum, light intensity, on/off periods, and air circulation through the GrowHub and link all of your equipment together so your environment works in unison, monitor your environment from anywhere with the App, automatically respond to changes beyond your parameters, and establish the perfect grow.

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    Bundle List

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    VIVOSUN AeroLight 100W LED Grow Light with Integrated Circulation Fan, Compatible with GrowHub Controller

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    VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller All-in-one Platform for Controlling, Monitoring & Improving Indoor Growing, Dynamic Temperature Humidity Scheduling

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    VIVOSUN AeroZesh 6-inch 405 CFM Smart Inline Fan, Compatible with GrowHub Controller

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    VIVOSUN APP Intelligent Program Using with Smart Grow System, Professional Grow Recipes for Indoor Growing