VGrow Smart Grow Box

Elevate Your Green Game

See VGrow in action and be amazed by its innovative features.

All-In-One Ecosystem

Seamlessly integrates sunlight, air, water, and nutrients. Sustainable and ideal for diverse plants, from seed to harvest.

Optimal Plant Environment

Featuring a dynamic light spectrum precisely tailored for each stage of plant growth.

Home Harmony

Integrated carbon filter ensures that your home stays pristine and odor-free.

Grow Like a Pro

Guides users through the entire cultivation process with step-by-step instructional videos, planting actions, and checklists.

Expandable & Flexible

Choose from self-watering, deep water culture, and drip irrigation.

Step into the
Green Dimension

Embark on a virtual journey and engage with interactive 3D models to explore every intricate detail of VGrow.

What's In The Box

Tech Specs

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the Magic of VGrow